Zizer Buildahome Infrastructure And Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a family run company, an integral factor differentiating us from any other firm. At Zizer Buildahome Infrastructure And Developers Pvt, Ltd., the chain of command is handled direct family members, ensuring consistency and integrity at every level. Each vertical within the company is headed by an experienced senior family member, who is assisted by next generation members, thus making it possible for us to handle diverse projects efficiently. Also, the direct supervision by self-motivated family members allows us to stringently control work quality, resulting in less reliance on employees and contractors.

All in all, at Zizer Buildahome we have an excellent mix of the old and the new – the twin advantage of next generation speed and modern ideation backed by seasoned knowledge and wisdom of our experienced seniors.

Sabhanarayan Yadav

Project Manager

Sushil Singh


Harun Shaha


Amar Waghmare


Shiba Prasad Aacharya

Finance Head

Nilank Sharma

Project Head

Shivprakash Soni

Project Incharge

Nilesh Navgire

Project Incharge