According to the 2011 census report, 13.8 million households and about 64 million people, are located in city slums in India. This number is growing every year. As this number increases, so does the amount of unhealthy and unsafe homes. These factors hinder the overall development of a city.

As part of this programme, Zizer Buildahome Infrastructure and Developers Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken projects for slum rehabilitation across different cities such as Pune and Mumbai. With each of these projects, we aim to provide a permanent roof to maximum slum-dwellers and enhance their standard of living.

With this in mind, the Government of Maharashtra brought an amendment to the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 56 and introduced a nodal agency, Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA). SRA brought forth a Slum Rehabilitation Programme that analyses existing positions of slum areas in a city. After examining, the committee devises plans for the rehabilitation of these identified slum areas and ensures that the slum rehabilitation scheme planned is executed the best of SRA’s abilities. The SRA committee in India enables property developers to rehabilitate slum-dwellers in-situ and compensates the landowner and developer by awarding them with Transferable Development Rights (TDR).

Ever since its SRA inception in 2014, Zizer Buildahome Infrastructure and Developers Pvt. Ltd. has developed millions of square feet of rehabilitation housing area. In the process it has given thousands of families a chance at a better life, a life of pride and dignity. We, at Zizer Buildahome Infrastructure and Developers Pvt. Ltd., will continue in our endeavour to free up land for slum rehabilitation infrastructure, and boldly advance towards a future where Mumbai will be a world-class city.


  • Achieves the rehabilitation of slums and encroachment
  • Achieves its social objective of low-cost housing at no cost to taxpayers
  • Increased tax revenues
  • Open land value for infringed areas


  • Improved infrastructure and increased housing stock
  • An increase in the number of low-income housing options
  • Free space to construct better roads, drainage, and other civic amenities
  • A lower crime rate as more people are on the road towards literacy and public well being

Slum dwellers

  • Attain formal ownership rights to property and experience enhanced net worth achieved at zero cost
  • Leads to social upliftment and improved living conditions
  • Enhances the quality of life

Real estate developers

  • Gain access to develop projects in prime city locations
  • The lower land acquisition cost reduces the capital outlay by two-thirds

Now, it is our chance to contribute to the betterment of every city by improving the standard of living for slum dwellers, provide them with a permanent roof and eventually make the city slum-free.

Need for SRA Redevelopment

Lack of Proper Livable Conditions in Slums
Lack of Privacy & Basic Amenities
Unhygienic environment / No Toilets, Drainage in Slums
Get your Own Address – Every Slum Dwellers dream to welcome Home friends and Family